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Scoring a glassy West Wittering Christmas foil session!

Ever since I started foiling I have been wanting to score a session here but its a funny spot and you need wind swell and tide to align perfectly to get a good one. I had my eye on the forecast all week and normally it would have been far less of a excitement, however now with a foil a 12s period and 0.3m swell on the south coast can get me fairly excited, so I rushed down to West Wittering with my latest prototype and jumped straight in. The spot only works for a short time and is very tide dependent but it had worked out and things were looking good. It’s a long paddle out but I was stoked already to be out on my own and turned for the first wave, it was vey different to the short steeper faces I have been foiling up until now and almost with no effort I was up and going.

The waves here break on sandbars formed in the mouth of Chichester harbour however the water depth varies a lot so soon after they break they tend to turn fat with long mellow open faces perfect for the foil! My first ride was easily 300m and over a minute long, I thought  I would not be able to beat it but time and time again they just kept rolling through. Where on a surf board even if you can get on to this size of wave with a huge board you tend not to be able to do a huge amount, on the foil you can zip around all over the place. Foils really do open up the door to surf breaks you would normally never be able to surf or when the waves are just too small to have fun on a normal board!

Check out the video, wishing everyone a merry Christmas from Grey Paddleboards.